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DFC - Laservision

Stardancer and A Child's Dream

Laservision’s premiere spectacular, Stardancer was the first production to launch at the IMAGINE Attraction. Stardancer is a beautiful and artistic adventure of gravity personified (Stardancer) told through a ballet of contemporary dance. As Stardancer dances through the cosmos, she interacts with the planets and stars that surround her and overcomes the powerful forces she encounters along the way.

Stardancer stars award-winning dancer, Jessica Hesketh and features choreography by the world-renowned Daniel Jaber.

A Child’s Dream is the second production added to the IMAGINE Attraction and is an adventurous journey through the vibrant imagination of a young child. A Child’s Dream paints a bright and vivid story on the towering Intercontinental Hotel and features performances by World Hip-Hop Champions; Identity Dance Company, and the talents of internationally acclaimed choreographer Caetlyn Watson

On these projects my role was lead multimedia artist. Creating concept art, pitches, costume design, storyboards, animation and on site art direction. 

Role: Multimedia Designer

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